Sandra needed to refinance her commercial property and pay out an investor.

The property, a large space for creative professionals, was thriving with strong, consistent cash flow. But from a lender’s perspective, it was a slightly tricky proposition as the business relied on a large number of tenants including many on short-term agreements. Sandra was also unhappy with her existing lender.


How Auxo Finance found a winning way to present Sandra’s situation to lenders.

Paul Zahra sat down with Sandra, who is also the building’s general manager. Through a series of conversations and several visits to the building, Paul gathered further insights into the operation and mapped out a strategy to secure more cost-effective finance and a cash-out – without going through a maze of red tape and lengthy delays.

After negotiating with a few lenders to test their flexibility, Paul determined the best application strategy. To avoid the need for paperwork on 35 tenancy agreements with varying terms and conditions, he persuaded the lender to accept documentation on just 10 agreements.  As a back-up, he produced a waitlist of 30 prospective tenants to show there was no shortage of demand.

Sandra and her co-owner husband secured a 5-year interest-only loan that allowed a cash-out to pay off the investor and restructure the ownership. They were thrilled to achieve a significant interest saving of $1350 in monthly payments compared with the previous facility. The new lender also agreed to add features to provide more flexibility and help manage working capital.

When the coronavirus pandemic struck a blow to the Melbourne-based business, Paul was again in proactive mode from Day One. He contacted Sandra, advised her to approach the lender for relief, and helped her secure a 6-month freeze on her loan payments.


  • The investor was paid out, achieving Sandra’s primary goal
  • Reduced interest-only rate and fees = savings $1350/month
  • Added loan terms allow greater flexibility



on payments compared to the previous financing arrangement

Refinancing commercial property

“Paul took the time to fully understand my situation and come up with a solution that suited my needs perfectly. In challenging times, the cash-flow relief and flexibility of financing terms have given me great peace of mind.”

Business owner needing refinancing of commercial property
Sandra G.

Client of Paul Zahra from Auxo Finance

This is a true client case study and only the names and images have been changed for privacy reasons.

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