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Auxo Finance
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About Auxo Finance

In Greek mythology, the Horae (‘Seasons’) were the goddesses of the seasons, the order of nature, and the passing of time. Auxo is the goddess and personification of the season of summer and the protector of growth.

Many business people have worked hard to build success in their chosen fields, only to face higher hurdles in securing finance.

The fact is, finding the right finance partner can be a struggle. Where most finance professionals are generalists who try to cater to everyone, we at Auxo Finance work only with self-employed people, business owners, and investors.

That’s what you want! A partner who understands your needs from your unique perspective.

We focus our expertise on serving the entire business owner/investor sector, including sole traders, partnerships, trading trusts, and companies, as well as investment and family trusts, to support our clients’ personal, family, and business interests.

Our 25-plus years in the finance industry have shown us that business, personal, and investment entities are generally connected, and understanding these often-complex structures and the rationale for their arrangements is key.

At Auxo Finance, it’s our job to know your business – and your ambitions – almost as well as you do. We enjoy building stable, long-term associations with clients so we can provide the best possible solutions for all their finance needs.

Our clients often say that they have spent years educating a banking relationship manager or branch manager about their business, only to find a new banker in the role so the education process needs to start all over again! This treadmill doesn’t happen with Auxo.

We build strong and enduring relationships based on a close understanding of your goals and needs, so we can determine the best way forward and represent you in finding and applying for finance.

On the business side, it might be funding for a commercial property, or working capital for day-to-day operations, or finance for equipment, vehicles, and the like. On the personal side, there may be a family home and investment properties, which can be used to fund wealth expansion. In time, a client’s financial strategy can be expanded to give children a leg-up with their business or property goals.

With more than 25 years’ experience in banking, Paul Zahra heads Auxo Finance, the finance people for business people.

Paul Zahra - Cerberus Finance, CEO

“I’m passionate about helping investors and business people with their finance needs.”

Paul Zahra

Managing Director
Auxo Finance

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